Any Millionaire London Minicab Drivers Out there?

Does London have any millionaire cab drivers? Not that I know of. Well New York certainly does, Tamir Sapir has bought the most expensive town house on 5th Avenue for a cool $40 million dollars. Believe it or not that price has actually been discounted by 20%, so he is actually getting a bargain. Not bad for a minicab driver from the former Soviet Union.

London minicab drivers don’t make that much money and certainly not enough to buy property which costs millions of pounds and neither do our New York cousins, Samir Tapir’s story is a real rag to riches tale.

He arrived in America in 1971 and drove a cab for some years until he saved some money and managed to get a loan secured against his cab to open an electronics store, coincidentally on 5th Avenue. He built his consumer electronics empire up and paid off the loan against his minicab and diversified into property making millions in the process. The townhouse will keep his collection of ivory and he plans to move into the penthouse on the top floor. Not that he needs the space as he also owns an apartment in Trump Tower.

So for any London minicab drivers reading this post it’s never too late to become a millionaire property mogul and buy your own prestigious Knightsbridge penthouse, or you could just win the lottery like one lucky mini cab driver did back in January 2010. A UK cab driver won the Euro millions and shared the 52 million pounds jackpot with a Frenchman. Now that’s what I call a pension fund.