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Royal Ascot

The last few weeks seem to have gone by in a flash! Bookings to Royal Ascot started off slow and then gathered a pace. Monday this week we were still taking bookings at the last minute, which stretched us a bit as we had to juggle some bookings around. Today (Thursday) we have helped several people out who have been let down by other companies.

Next it is the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, from 21st June to 4th July. If¬† I can get a chance to have a day off I’ll pop down to Wimbledon, we all have different opinions on who might win here; but my money is on Nadal for the Men’s and Justine Henin for the Women’s. To avoid disappointment it’s best to book your Wimbledon travel sooner rather than later, but that’s not to say we still not go out of our way to help you…..