1. Bookings are confirmed on receipt of your journey instructions i.e. telephone, email, fax.
  2. Prestige Car Hire Ltd T/A TST Car Services & Prestige Chauffeur Drive (“the Company”) accept no responsibility neither can it be held liable for any delays or losses suffered howsoever arising.  In any event, the liability of the Company in respect of any hire and all related matters shall never exceed £150.00 or the amount of the hire charge, whichever is the lesser.
  3. The vehicles owned by the Company or other vehicles used under the Company name are only insured for its drivers.  No other person may drive the vehicle under any circumstances.
  4. The chauffeur will use his judgement to drive at reasonable speeds in relation to the prevailing road type and conditions.
  5. The Company reserves the right to substitute vehicles of equal capacity in the event of mechanical or other failure, if due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control, this will be considered by the Company to be necessary.
  6. The Company will endeavour to transport a reasonable quantity of accompanying luggage.  If, however, in the judgement of the chauffeur the volume or weight is excessive the Company reserves the right to refuse carriage of all (or part) of the luggage.  In addition, the Company cannot assume any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to client’s property or luggage, howsoever such loss or damage is caused.
  7. If a confirmed and/or paid for booking is cancelled, full charge will be incurred for any cancellations with less than one hour notice.
  8. Client(s) will be held responsible for any damage to vehicles, owned by the Company or other vehicles used under the Company name, caused by client(s) or their guests.
  9. Smoking is forbidden in all vehicles.
  10. The Company will not be held responsible for the use of transportation of any illegal substances or articles within the vehicle and any client doing so will have the hire contract terminated immediately and without refund.
  11. Client(s) will be responsible for the conduct of any and all passengers in the vehicle at all times.
  12. The Company reserves the right to terminate any and all services to unruly and/or abusive passengers.
  13. The Company is not responsible for and shall not be liable in the event of any act of God, mechanical breakdown or other event beyond its reasonable control causing either the whole or part of the hire to be cancelled and in such circumstances the Company shall not be liable to refund any portion of the hire charge.
  14. Any extra requests or alterations to the booking (i.e. additional pick up points, change of venue casing extra mileage or time) not made at the time of the booking/confirmation cannot necessarily be granted although every effort will be made to meet the requirements of the hire.  Any such alterations will in most cases involve extra charges being levied on the original quotation.
  15. Any over run of booked time must be paid for by the customer.