Cab Driver Bags £250,000 in Will

Did you see Driving Miss Daisy with Morgan Freeman? That was a nice film. A friendship created over a period of 20 years between two people. Well, it seems things like that really do happen.

A taxi cab driver has recently been given an incredible £250,000 in a will by a customer or ex-customer to be exact. Don Pratt now 65 and retired from cab driving received the sum from Mary Watson, who died aged 86 in December 2009.

Mary used Don Pratt for over 20 years and ordered his cab regularly. It seems she left him her entire estate. It is not known if she had family or whether they want to contest the will, all Don can be sure of is that her last tip was a really generous one. He no intends on using the money to travel the world.

Don and Mary built a friendship over the 20 years he ferried her around in his cab but unfortunately lost contact when she went into a care home. Before they parted ways Mary did tell Don that she would look after him when she was gone. At the time he said he took it with a pinch of salt, Little did Don  know she really meant it. He was later found by her solicitor and given the good news.

Mary took Don’s minicab to the shops every day until a few years ago. Nobody knew that she was going to leave the vast sum to Don but it certainly was a gesture he’ll never forget.