London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is the South East of England’s main International and Domestic flights airport, situated approximately sixteen miles from Central London

Heathrow Airport’s story starts some 87 years ago in 1930 when a young builder of aeroplanes by the name of Richard Fairey wanted somewhere to test out his new planes. Fairey approached the local Vicar of Harmondsworth and bought a plot of land which became the Great West Aerodrome near the village of Heathrow for £15,000.

During the Second World War the Great West Aerodrome and surrounding land was compulsory purchased by the government to build RAF Heston. After the war had ended the aerodrome in turn was passed to the Air Ministry as London’s new civil airport and named Heathrow.

On 1 January 1946 an Avro Lancastrian (converted Lancaster Bomber) Star Light of the British South American Airways commenced the first flight from the newly opened Heathrow Airport. Although this was only a test flight to South America, a little over two months later the first commercial flight followed to Buenos Aires.

The early passengers on these flights didn’t enjoy all the creature comforts that you now find in Heathrow Airport, far from it. The early terminals were no more than ex-military tents that stretched down the length of where Bath Road is today.

At the end of the first year in operation 63,000 passengers had travelled from Heathrow Airport to destinations around the world. By 1951 this number has increased to nearly 800,000 people. In 2016 over 75 million people had passed through London Heathrow Airport.

Today Heathrow consists of two runways, extensive freight handling areas and five passenger terminals. Heathrow Terminal 1 (currently closed for refurbishment work), Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 which is the main base for British Airways. Making it one top six busiest airports in the world.

With Central London being only 16 miles away from Heathrow Airport, passengers can be transported via London Transport’s Tube and over ground Train Service from Paddington Station.

An alternative way to travel to and from London Heathrow Airport would also be to book a minicab or a chauffeur driven car from your hotel, place of work or home directly