London Minicab Driver Former SAS

I have never personally thought about many London minicab drivers leading double lives, until now that is. An author by the pen name of David Black has written a book based on his time in The Regiment or Special Air Service (SAS).

It is not often that you hear about everyday people driving a minicab around London one day and the next day flying out to another country to take part in covert missions, but that is just what David Black did for 11 years from 1975 – 86. His career took place during the peak of the Cold War between Russia and the West and when IRA terrorist attacks were taking place.

Originally David was part of the regular army and later became a cab driver in London. After being in the army Mr Black became very bored so to combat his boredom he joined an SAS Territorial Army Unit.

His book is about his experiences and the concept that Iraq did indeed have weapons of mass destruction and during Saddam Hussein’s downfall they actually disappear and arrive in London. The hero of the tale is called Pat Farell who is an SAS sergeant. The book is called The Great Satan and is out now.

I find it fascinating that such a seemingly ordinary person making a living driving a cab in London could also lead such an exciting double life. David Black is apparently 56 years old and is probably driving around today. Who knows what other secrets London’s cab drivers are hiding. If anyone knows of any drop us a line.