London Minicab Resources

If you are a London minicab driver or someone who is just interested in the industry and wants to know about rules and regulations, here is a list of some useful and interesting resources.

TFL or Transport for London has lots of information about Public Carriage Licences and guidelines as well information about private hire vehicle laws. This is a great resource for minicab drivers and consumers that want to know about their rights and the regulations of the industry.

TFL has also put together a helpful document on how to become a minicab driver. TFL Minicab Driver

We wrote an article some time ago about becoming a minicab driver it’s been read thousands of times and is still pretty relevant. How to become a minicab driver?

Here is another article we wrote about cleaning your minicab or chauffeur car. It’s an important part of the job, so here you go. Cleaning your Minicab

Here’s a good link to the Department for Transport they go into detail about taxis and minicabs and the surrounding regulations.

If you are thinking about starting a minicab firm here is an interesting detailed article from Startups