The best chauffeur car in the world

One of the best chauffeur cars in the world has to be the Rolls Royce Phantom. Many London chauffeur services use them and for good reason. Yes, the Maybach is just as luxurious as the Phantom but does it have the same heritage and splendour. The answer is no.

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When you think of a wedding chauffeur car you think of Rolls Royce, white ribbon from window to the spirit of ecstasy emblem and confetti abound its bonnet. It is a sight that never fails to impress and what’s more it lives up to the importance of the special day. In many ways the Rolls Royce is a British institution. Many London chauffeur services offer Phantoms for hire, but my advice would be to use a reputable company which has been around for some time. This way you can be sure the transportation for your special day is in safe hands.

Many of the world’s richest celebrities own Rolls Royce Phantoms, everyone from David Beckham, Simon Cowell to Lord Alan Sugar. In fact Simon Cowell was in LA recently and ordered a Maybach, while he was waiting for his order he got his Bentley serviced, so the garage gave him a Rolls Royce Phantom as courtesy car an hour later he cancelled his Maybach order and went to the nearest Rolls Royce dealership, he also order one for London too.

I think Simon Cowell’s shopping spree really encapsulates the affect a Rolls Royce Phantom has on people even for someone as hard to impress as Mr Cowell. There is no doubt that the Rolls Royce Phantom is a very popular chauffeur car, but what is more astonishing is how it continues to stand the test of time.