When a London Minicab is Absolutely Essential

Getting a London minicab can be difficult at times unless you think ahead and book in advance. However in some cases even when you take the initiative to order in advance you can still get stuck.

London Minicab for Clubs & Bars

It’s Friday night you’ve gone out clubbing with your friends or maybe you have been entertaining clients for work and it’s very late. To make matters worse it’s cold wet and you’re in no mood to jump on a night bus. Of course if you have been busy entertaining corporate clients it is your duty to organise transport home. What often happens in this situation is you and about 100 other people leaving the bar or club proceed to call every cab firm in central London or try to hail a cab as they drive by. Inevitably this leads to frustration and you and your friends waiting around for an hour until you can find a cab.

Sometimes an illegal cab will pick you up and out of desperation you will accept. Un-licensed London minicabs are dangerous these drivers do not have Public Carriage Licenses have not been criminal record checked and the safety of their vehicles has not been verified, they are simply opportunist criminals. Some of these cabs may even seem perfectly respectable in their MPV or executuve saloons. The best way to get around this problem is to call a London minicab company like TST Cars before you go into the club and arrange for them to pick you up at a specific time this way you avoid illegal cabs and waiting around in the cold.

Cab from the O2, Greenwich

This particular disaster happened to me when I went to see Kings of Leon at the O2 in Greenwich. It was a brilliant gig, actually probably the best one I have ever been to and we were actually in a corporate box with our own bar, barman, waiter and silver service buffet which was great. Anyway we came out after the gig at the O2 and it was like some kind of apocalyptic disaster zone.

To say there was traffic would be a major understatement. Our minicabs were pre-ordered so they were waiting for us when we came out of the O2 arena. We got in the cabs and I am not kidding it took 1 hour to drive 100-150 metres down the road. I would have got out at that time but the minicab was free and organised to take me straight home. My advice would be to definitely order a London minicab because the tube is hell after a big event, but arrange for it to pick you up just outside of the O2 grounds which is literally only a couple of minutes walk this way you will avoid the horrendous car park like traffic after a gig or event and save yourself a lot of time.

by Stan Brown